Terms and Conditions

  1. The payment of the deposit is deemed acceptance of the below terms and conditions and must be accepted by "the client" in their entirety.
  2. Any variation to the services offered must be agreed to in writing, and any applicable administration charges may be applied.
  3. "The Client" will be charged the agreed service fee plus any other services agreed at the time of the booking confirmation. "The Client" shall settle the balance no later than 60 days prior to the confirmed booking date, unless otherwise agreed in writing.
  4. Interest may be charged on all late payments at a rate of 8% per annum above the Bank of England base rate. Any expenses incurred in obtaining payment from "The Client" where any payment due is late will also be charged to "The Client."
  5. In the event that "The Client" cancels a booking, they will be liable to pay cancellation charges as set out below:
    1. Cancellation 30 days after the deposit is paid: Non-refundable deposit (If deposit is paid less than 30 days prior to date of any event, the deposit remains non-refundable)
    2. Cancellation made 59 to 30 days prior to the Event Date: 50% of Total Invoice will be refunded
    3. Cancellation made 29 to 7 days prior to the event date: 25% of the total invoice will be refunded.
    4. Cancellation made 7 days or less prior to the event date: 100% of the total invoice will be non-refundable.
    5. In the event of a breakdown, Country Fried has the right to cancel any booking at any time due to any event taking place beyond their control that relates to Country Fried being unable to operate. 100% of the total invoice will be refunded to "The Client"
  6. If the venue provided by "The Client" is unable to accommodate the booking requirements with regards to parking space required on private land, "The Client" will be liable for cancellation charges as outlined above.
  7. "The Client" agrees that if any representative of Country Fried is threatened, abused verbally or physically by anyone present at the venue, then the service will be cancelled immediately, without penalty. All fees will remain the property of Country Fried without prejudice.
  8. "The Client" must provide any insurance policies in respect of any engagement that the venue or event might hold in relation to our service provided. This does not apply to domestic and private engagements, as Country Fried are fully insured for these events*
  9. "The Client" is responsible for obtaining any work permits required or other approvals for services provided prior to the commencement of a public engagement.
  10. Any changes to the booking schedule will be subject to these terms and conditions:
  11. If changes are required to the booking schedule on the day of the event, these changes should be discussed with the supplier where possible; otherwise, an agreement should be reached between "The Client" and Country Fried.
  12. In the event that for any reason we are unable to complete a service due to a delay to the start of the booked schedule, where such delays are no fault of Country Fried, "The Client" shall remain aware of the booked schedule and liable for the full payment without penalties.
  13. Should the service be required by "The Client" to extend the length of the service, a further fee of £60 per additional hour, with a 1-hour minimum charge, will be charged, payable before service commences.
  14. Charges for Country Fried services are subject to review based on potential rising costs. All price increases will be notified to "The Client" three months prior to the event taking place. A full refund guarantee will be offered to "the client."
  15. Country Fried is not obligated to finish any service beyond the original booked service time that has started late due to "The Clients'" actions or to extend the length of any service provided.
  16. "The Client" must provide parking within 40 meters of the entrance of the venue and power supplied, where obtainable, through a standard UK 3-pin socket for private hire and bookings.
  17. Country Fried and our staff are not liable for any delays to service, accidental breakages or anything out of their control or job description during the agreed service provided to "The Client" Any issues or disagreements must be resolved by contacting via email to Country Fried. [email protected]
  18. These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the law of England, and the parties hereby submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.